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Relevant Documents:

Water Bill Status
List of bills presented to LNR, and their status
Road Report
Report on LNR contstructed roads and their condition, for SSTTDC and Starwood.

Cover Letter from Starwood
November 2013 Letter from Starwood to town administrations, describing their proposals for changes to the SSTTDC Enabling Act.
November 7, 2013 Proposal from Starwood
Clean draft of Starwood's proposed changes to the SSSTTDC Enabling Act.
November 2013 Proposal with edits
Draft of Starwood's proposed changes to the SSTTDC Enabling Act, including the modifications.
Original Legislation
1998 Legislation, still in effect, that Starwood is proposing changing.
Reuse Plan for NAS
The agreed on plan for SouthField, last modified in 2005, which is at risk of being struck down without citizen approval.

2013 Audit of SSTTDC
Massachusetts audit (issued May 2013) of SouthField's development company

Final Report on Task 2 and Task 3
Executive Summary of Final Report
Water and Sewer Alternatives Report
These reports, evaluating the water and sewer plans and alternatives for SouthField, were prepared by Environmental Partners for ARAWH.

Welcome to the ARAWH information site!
We are residents of Rockland, Abington, Weymouth and Hingham, seeking review and full disclosure
regarding the contamination status of the land formerly known as the
South Weymouth Naval Air Station, currently being developed as SouthField.
You are welcome to browse our documentation, find upcoming meetings, and contribute to the ongoing discussion.


ARAWH is providing photographs and documentation on this site so that everyone can learn the facts about the cleanup, and understand our concerns regarding the environment, with the development of SouthField in Weymouth. SouthField is being developed by Tritown Development for commercial and residential purposes on contaminated land which was the South Weymouth Naval Air Station. The final agreement between the Navy and South Shore Tri-Town Development Corp. grows nearer and we support the affected citizens, governments, along with potential residents and customers, finding the information to make decisions about the cleanup of the contaminated site, and understand how the contamination has affected the environment in the last few years, now, and how it may continue to do so in the future.
Advocates for Rockland, Abington, Weymouth and Hingham